• All profits, from sales, will be donated to non-profit One Bicycle Foundation, prior to a trip to Kenya, where we will be providing bicycles to third-world orphans.


    Customized with DeFeet, these are DeFeet Aireator socks with a five-inch cuff height. As black socks, a pop stripe, filled with Everjourney colors, is vibrant. "More Sending, Less Pretending" is printed on the base of the sock.


    Paired with an Everjourney cycling kit, these socks are a simple, subtle addition.



    Extra-Large | 12-14 (Men), 13+ (Women)

    Large | 9.5-11.5 (Men), 11-13 (Women)

    Medium | 7-9 (Men), 8.5-10.5 (Women)

    Small | <7 (Men), 6-8 (Women)

    Everjourney Socks

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